Yehuda Altmann, Peter Krauskopf
and Yuval Shaul
„The Walk“
19/09/2016 - 16/12/2016

In a trialogue, “The Walk” presents current works by the two Israeli artists Yehuda Altmann (*1964) and Yuval Shaul (*1961), as well as the German painter Peter Krauskopf (*1966). A life-sized pair – brought to life with a 3D printer, with one figure sitting on the other – forms the centre point of the exhibition. “My portrait with myself” is what Yuval Shaul calls this figure.

Individual monochrome colour areas combine after stripping to form new surfaces on Peter Krauskopf’s multi-layered oil paintings, whose dark landscapes form an irresistible attraction to the eye. And with the ten-part series “Yesterday, Today” Yehuda Altmann has revealed photographs created without a camera - realities reminiscent of walks through inner worlds.