Oscar Niemeyer designed the Sphere as a place for beautiful evenings on the roof of a picturesque factory roofscape.

Céu (portuguese for heaven) stands for a cuisine that is light and full of surprises. A large selection of the ingredients are from the region from farmers who cultivate their crops with a view to good taste and sustainability.

The contrast between futuristic architecture and red brick factory building creates a great atmosphere that takes you away from your everyday life!

Tibor's philosophy for the Sphere:

"My whole life always connected me with the kitchen. First at my grandmother, later travels to distant countries and now in the Niemeyer Sphere. I try to bring together all I´ve seen and experienced, in harmony with the surroundings and the spectacular space, to establish a cuisine that, I hope, will be unlike any other. Food that will be remembered for a long time. We want to provoke surprise, make you smile while presenting it with simplicity."

Experience a unique symbiosis of art, culinary and industry - I would like to contribute a small part of this symphony with my kitchen.

Our evenings in the Niemeyer Sphere 2024

Hello and a very warm welcome, we are very pleased that you have found us!
This year we would like to present the Niemeyer Sphere to you a little more openly than before.

In the last few years we have been very busy with regular bookings and bookings postponed due to the crisis. As a result, we were a bit limited in our concepts. This situation only really ended last December.

From now on, we are a little more flexible in our organisation and would like to inspire you next with our new and old idea of a concept for a "Céu Bowl" evening. Another evening on the industrial site, in exciting architecture, with an extraordinary ambience and delicious food.

On one or two days a week, you can now reserve seats for our various evenings in the Niemeyer Sphere.

Further information and dates can be found under the following link.

Dates / Information


Tours of the Niemeyer Sphere for groups of 15 people or more

We offer tours of the Niemeyer Sphere for groups of 15 people or more in conjunction with our canteen service or lunch.

After lunch in our canteen, you will be welcomed with a drink in the Niemeyer Sphere for a tour and then learn its history through a film.

Monday to Friday 12.30 pm by appointment | 25 € per person

Reservations by email: ceu-dining(at)technesphere.de