GRAMMAR - White Cube
25.06.2021 to 16.10.2021

The Irish born artist Roseanne Lynch is dealing with the formal language of the Bauhaus architecture in her work „Grammar“  and is analyzing its historical methods of teaching.

In 2018 she came to Leipzig for a 3 month 'off site' artist in residence with the Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau. During this time, and a further 15 months of access, she developed a photographical series for which she studied the methods of teaching of Johannes Itten who instructed his students to learn the grammar of their materials, and she developed her own language in photographical images following his approach.

These black and white photographic works were made in the darkrooms of Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst. Her photograms and Luminograms relate to the structures of architecture. László Moholy-Nagy used this method at the Bauhaus in his artwork, a process in which a camera is not used, and these works are selected is from a larger body of work made during this time.

Roseanne Lynch shapes her photographic spaces with light and creates optical illusions. The  framed works are all unique pieces, the folds that created the forms now flattened again. These photographic experiments arouse richness in the simplicity of Roseanne Lynch`s own grammar.

Photos: Kai-Hendrik Windeler