Nosso Caminho
28.01.2022 to 16.04.2022

The exhibition Nosso Caminho is a varied and multimedia homage to Oscar Niemeyer and his work. The title (our path) refers to a magazine of the same name that Niemeyer published in the last years of his life – another example of his insatiable quest for creation and communication.

Derived from the title, the viewer is invited, as it were, to walk through the exhibition. Starting with the drawing of protesting workers to the conciliatory, spiritual sketch of the Little Prince. Niemeyer's own works on paper, a maquette for a sculpture and a chaise longue accompany the visitor on this path. In addition, these are complemented by artistic positions that refer directly or indirectly to his work. In collaboration with “Haus der Kulturen der Welt” a new film on Sphere by Heinz Emigholz has been produced, in which the artist elaborates on his trauma concerning the colour white, which Niemeyer so appreciated.

The focus is on the curve and the human being. What unites all the exhibits is the resulting quest for balance in the midst of contrasts, dramas, conflicts and longings. Or "the struggle between straight lines and curves" in Oscar Niemeyer's words.

Photos: Kai-Hendrik Windeler / Movie: Paula Abalos