Céu Dining

Oscar Niemeyer designed the Sphere as a special space for exceptional enjoyment in a appealing atmosphere.

Céu (portuguese for heaven) Dining stands for a light and original cuisine. A large selection of the ingredients are regional and from farmers who cultivate their crops sustainably and taste-oriented cultivation. In an unusual setting, in the middle of a factory premises on the outskirts of Leipzig Plagwitz, we accompany you through an peerless evening.

Tibor's philosophy for the Sphere:

"My whole life always connected me with the kitchen. First at my grandmother, later travels to distant countries and now in the Niemeyer Sphere. I try to bring together all I´ve seen and experienced, in harmony with the surroundings and the spectacular space, to establish a cuisine that, I hope, will be unlike any other. And will be remembered for a long time. We want to provoke something with our food, to surprise, make you smile and present it with simplicity.

Experience a unique symbiosis of art, culinary and industry - I would like to contribute a small part of this symphony with my kitchen.”

Wednesday evenings in the Niemeyer Sphere

Unfortunately, all dates for this year 2022 are already taken.

We will be happy to accept new reservations for 2023 from September 2022.

Please send us an email to reservierung(at)technesphere.de.

We ask for your understanding that requests before September cannot be considered.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail: