HGB Leipzig / Class For Perform­ative Arts


WEEKEND 1: Elsa Blanc-Brude, Maria Isabel Pineda

Elsa Blanc-Brude

listening session

Ball Theater / Techne Sphere Leipzig

Elsa Blanc-Brude performs her experimental music set live. Visitors are invited to come, go, rest, move and change position around the immediate surroundings of the ball theater throughout the duration of the live composition. In Contemplation she develops a sonic and poetic landscape that critically reflects on the access to information streams, inviting the audience to drift between ‘reel’ world and digital social interfaces.

Artist bio

Elsa is a French artist based at Leipzig, she studies media arts at HGB in Leipzig and at ISBA Besançon in France. She focuses her research on the listening experiences and the impact of technology on the faculty of hearing. This fascination is guided by feminist questions, the interest in transformation and interplay with virtual and real worlds. She explores the interactions between spaces, sounds and human bodies through sound compositions and installations.

María Isabel Pineda Yupanqui

Nicht geographische Spuren - my home in 2024
listening experience (30 min)

05.07.2024 | 8pm and 8:30 pm
inside of the factory (meeting point Ball Theater)


Nicht geographische Spuren - my home in 2024 is a performative sound installation in which the artist invites the audience to lie down and sit on cushioned platforms around her as she mixes spatialized sounds that sonically reconstruct her notion of home. The collected sounds correspond to the caring gestures of daily routines, starting from waking up and breakfast rituals to cooking together in the evening. There is the sound of learning to cook a recipe from her mother and the teaching of this recipe to a friend. In this way the artist will be sharing her current version of home.

Artist bio

María Isabel Pineda Yupanqui is a Peruvian architect/artist currently based in Leipzig whose work draws attention to the socio-cultural interfaces between the different communities present in her life. She seeks to identify situations in which she herself struggles (mainly associated with themes such as discomfort, strangeness and mistake) and then locates them in collective processes. To present these themes, the artist works with spacial storytelling experiences in which both exchange and discussion are always wished and welcomed.

Weekend 2: Kuan-Hsuan Lee, Juli Winterstein


Kuan-Hsuan Lee


27.07.2024 | 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm
Ball Theater / Techne Sphere Leipzig

K.H. responds to the surreal atmosphere of the Ball Theater at Techne Sphere to create a fantasy world in which time, emotions, happenings seem to be frozen and melted, fragmented and constructed. This fragmented scenes try-out evening is greeted with a precarious character holding a meticulously crafted to-do list of tasks, which opens and unfolds through a series of fragmented happenings, choreographed actions, blending movement, text, and sound, all happening within the framework of what they call a “wet and ambiguous environment”.

Artist bio

K.H. is a performance artist with experience in the field of experimental Theatre, who is currently studying media art in the class for performative arts by Isabel Lewis at HGB Leipzig. K.H. wanders through the borders of movements, texts, performances, and multiple media. In K.H.´s practices, character-explorations and body-based experiments have been entry points into fractions of different universes with unique rules, times and story-telling.


Juli Winterstein

with music by Bastian Schwenteck

versus II

28.07.2024 | 8:30 pm - 11 pm
Ball Theater / Techne Sphere Leipzig

The installation versus II forms the second part of a research on corporeality, a language of signs, and externalization in the field of sculpture and uses the Ball Theatre as an exhibition space. The practice of exhibition-making is approached through a performative and theatrical lens. Inside the theater as a testing ground, the creation and showing of sculptural work, as well as the charging of objects with actual and metaphorical mobility become a vehicle within the dramaturgical process of conditioning for the eye.

Artist bio

Juli Winterstein is studying in the class for performative arts by Isabel Lewis at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and works object based. They have a background in theater in the fields of stage design and stage performance and work as a model builder besides their studies.

Photo: Lars Ole Bastar

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